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Occupy Orlando

Finally got a chance to take part in an Occupy march this morning! I have been to Occupy Orlando a few times over the last couple weeks, including almost the entire first day and still had managed to miss marching every time until now. So glad that I was able to be a part of this today, very powerful. Great people and good vibes. It is interesting how, while there are certain things that everyone is involved with and the movement agrees on to some extent, the ideas can also be extremely varied. It’s refreshing to see that people can bond over their similarities and address their differences with civility. I’m sure there are exceptions, but that is the approach I have seen every time that I have been there.

A lot of people criticize the Occupy movement because of a lack of focus. Sometimes, I agree with this, but I have to say that my opinion changes like the weather. However, I always will disagree with those that say there is NO POINT to all of the demonstrations, because to me it is important just to bring attention to the fact that there are very big problems around the world. It is important to demonstrate that we aren’t apathetic.

Between the late hour and the little sleep I had the night before I know this wasn’t exactly concise, but I really felt the need to write or ramble something before I turned in for the the night.

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